Nobel Prize, the most prestigious honor awarded to physicists in his life time for outstanding contribution to physics. In 2013, Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to physicist Peter Higgs along with F. Englert for their contribution of Higgs Boson, the particle which is supposed to give mass to other particles. Higgs boson is also known as the God particle named by Leo Lederman. And it deserves the name. The dilemma of how a particle gets mass was theorized by these scientists in back 60s which has been confirmed experimentally on March, 2013 in Large Hadron Collider, world’s most costly laboratory. Since Nobel Prize cannot be given to more than three people at a time, and also not to dead scientist, so these two scientist were awarded with the prize and other scientists were awarded another high honor with J.J. Sakurai Prize in theoretical physics in 2010.