Number Theory and Algebra Workshop at Tezpur University

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Tezpur University, Assam is organising a workshop cum winter school on Number Theory and Algebra in December 2011. The expected speakers at the workshop are as follows:

Prof. R. Balasubramanian (IMSc Chennai)
Prof. R. Sujatha (UBC, Canada)
Dr. U. K. Anandavardhanan (IIT Bombay)
Prof. Kapil H. Paranjape (IISER Mohali)
Prof. Eknath Ghate (TIFR Mumbai)
Prof. D. K. Patil (IISc, Bangalore)
Prof. N. Deka Baruah (Tezpur).
Mr. Prem P. Pandey (IMSc Chennai)
Dr. Anupam Saikia (IITG)
Dr. K. V. Srikanth (IITG)
Dr. K. V. Krishna (IITG)
Dr. Rupam Barman (Tezpur)
Prof. Olivier Ramare (Lille, France)

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