1st Annual STEM Quiz Results and Questions

The finals of the 1st Annual STEM Quiz by Gonit Sora (গণিত চ’ৰা) in association with Knowit was held today.

There were 164 registrations in total (124 Open and 37 School).

After a prelims of 22 questions (with 124 teams participating in total, out of which 100 were Open teams), eight teams qualified for the finals (six Open and two School teams).

The results of the finals are as follows:

1st: Snehashis Parashar (Dergaon), Kaushik Borthakur (Tezpur)

2nd: Arnab Bhattacharya (TIFR, Mumbai), Sowmya Ramaswamy (TCS)

3rd: Antara Bhattacharya (Navy’s Children School), Varun Suresh (TIFR, Mumbai) 

4th: Adarsh Kumar Mohapatra (AIIMS, Bhubaneswar)

5th: Archit Sharma (NERIST, Itanagar), Ashish Patra (NERIST, Itanagar)

6th: Parnavi Deka (Maria’s Public School, Guwahati), Hrishikesh Giri Basumatary (Maria’s Public School, Guwahati)

7th: Kumar Shivam (Delhi)

8th: Pranjit Sharma (Inspire Academy Senior Secondary School, Tezpur), Ayush Kumar (Inspire Academy Senior Secondary School, Tezpur)

The video of the livestream is available in Facebook as well as Youtube.

The prelims questions and answers can be downloaded here.

The slides of the finals can be downloaded here.

Going forward this will be an annual event with separate quizzes for school and open teams.

We thank everyone for their participation.