3 Smart Tricks To Encourage Young Students During Online Classes

The education landscape is facing drastic changes now. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents choose to enrol their kids in web-based classes instead of taking them to school. Classes offered by an online early learning centre are similar to a regular classroom setting. 

However, the students will take the classes at home through daily livestream classes or webinars. The kids will also get regular worksheets and other learning materials to supplement the lessons. This setup already existed even before the pandemic spread all over the world. Parents signed up for it because they found the idea more convenient. It is also a good solution if the early learning centre location is far from their homes.

If you are planning to sign up your kids to an online early learning centre, you need to keep them engaged with their daily classes. Here are several tricks to help your young students remain focused during their online classes. 

Know The Right Amount Of Screen Time For The Kid’s Age

It is always ideal to talk to the facilitators from your child’s online early learning centre to discuss the appropriate time that he or she can spend online for the classes. While some locations have no choice but to restrict face-to-face classes and replace it with online learning, researchers found that there are dangers in prolonged screen time for young children. 

Based on the study featured by the JAMA Pediatrics Journal journal, allowing children under the age of 12 to spend more hours on screen can slow down their language development. So make it a point to talk to the school to discuss a reasonable time for online learning. You may also talk about tips to successfully incorporate play and interaction in their classes, even if they are still stuck at home. 

Find Out Which Activities Complement Your Child’s Interests

You may notice that your child likes doing certain homework or activities more than the others. It could mean that they are more interested in particular learning platforms while getting bored with other methods. Take note of this observation and discuss it with the teachers. They could give you more guidelines for creating the best learning techniques that will work for your young child. 

Be Open For Compromise 

While you may want to set a particular schedule for your child’s learning, you may occasionally find them in different moods while going through your online early learning centre lessons. Some days, you may find them highly engaged in the lessons, while there will be days when they are either bored or frustrated even with simple instructions. 

When these situations happen, you must know how to adjust the learning schedule. You may either allow them to take a break for the day or move the online class to a later schedule in the day. It will ease up the burden for both of you. It will also teach your child a lesson about compromise since he or she can pick the time to resume the classes as long as he or she will agree to finish the task at hand during the agreed schedule.

Aside from these tips, you can also use rewards or give positive feedback for each accomplished task after the end of the online classes. The rewards do not have to be grand or expensive. You may give them a sticker or a checkmark stamp on their hands like what their teachers do. If they managed to finish a major milestone in school, you can offer special treats like candy or ice cream or let them pick your next family activity. These small treats can encourage them to look forward to accomplishing more activities in their online classes.