5 Tips to Stay Focused and Motivated While Studying Physics

Physics is a fascinating natural science that has contributed immensely to unraveling many puzzles, which in turn, have helped modern science to take giant leaps towards progress. Physics has been trying to answer any questions since the very beginning of modern civilization. A physicist has an eternal quest – she wants to know why the stars shine or when the time begins. The truth is that physics is a must in almost everywhere – from the development of computer games to planning the journey to Mars.

That’s all very promising and heart-warming, but as a subject, Physics is a tough nut to crack. So getting smitten over by Physics and mastering it while staying focused and motivated at the same time is a different proposition altogether.

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Besides taking help from the professionals, you can also initiate your way of staying focused and motivated while studying physics at the same time. Please have a look at the five tips I have provided below:

1. Be an Active Learner:

In simple terms, make Physics of your own. But how?

The answer lies in becoming active and giving whole-hearted commitment to the subject. The first thing you need to be doing is to get rid of passive practices. Passive practices signifying for the subject-matter would automatically be understood. It’s more like hoping that you will learn since you are taking part in classes, studying notes, or receiving tuitions. Of course, that will happen eventually, and you will pass with maybe not so satisfactory grades. But the problem with passive learning is you will never have the feeling of owning the knowledge. So, instead of being a passive learner, be more hands-on with problem-solving. In simpler terms, attack the problems with rage. Work the course independently with taking only the bare minimum assistance – from whichever source is at your disposal. Active learning is also associated with stopping procrastination. Any Psychologist worth their salt will tell you that the number one enemy of losing focus and motivation is procrastination. Active learners will never wait for the date of the exam to be closer to start preparation. Instead, they organize study materials, class notes, and all the other study materials available and begin breaking the barriers since the beginning of the academic semester.

If you can turn yourself into an active learner, focus, and motivation for studying Physics will never be a problem for you.

2. Math Holds The Key:

My college physics teacher once said that Physics expresses itself through the numbers. At the core of becoming proficient at Physics, expertise in math is a must. Without being good at math applications, you can never be at ease with Physics. So it would be best if you reinvigorated your math ability before taking Physics head-on. You have to have confidence in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, and if that requires extra hours, you are bound to incur the expenditures. Without proper investment in math, it is impossible to be a problem-solver, think outside the box, or be creative in dealing with unexpected problems. And when you find yourselves doing those without even thinking about doing them, be sure that your focus and motivation are properly instigated, and they are there to stay.

3. Ignite Your Intuition:

Think it like this – to score the goal in a free-kick against your arch-enemy in the Inter-College Football Tournament, and you need at least four basic principles of Physics worked out perfectly in your favor. Anytime we indulge in activities like this, our keen mind trained in Physics starts assimilating gravity, force, vectors, etc. So, if we can start loving the subject, our intuition takes charge and leads us through. And when that starts happening, the question becomes a fun topic to be engaged in. Our focus and motivation go in hyper-drive, and we breeze through little events like exams with flying colors.

So, we must ignite our intuition to stay forever focused and motivated. 

4. Keeping Up With Regular Studying:

Physics is essentially a subject based on inter-linked principles dependent on each other or more like a series of policies built upon each other. So, when you fall behind or miss one idea, you are in trouble. The reason is simple – you need to know the previous plan to get the hold on the one you are currently studying. If you are studying History and failing to attend one class, you might miss the reasons why the Ottoman Dynasty ceased to exist any longer. But if you miss a few lessons, the rest of the course might become History to you.

That’s why you can never stop regular studying and lag behind from the proper flow of the class. You have to force yourself if you need to, for being ordinary and keeping up with studying. And it’s a well-known fact that forcing yourself works wonder in inciting focus and motivation.

5. Managing Outside Influences:

Physics may be unlike most subjects, but it is similar in requiring constant studying. To keep your focus sharp and motivation sky-rocketing, you have to find a way to find the ‘zone’ and stay ‘there’ as long as it takes. To be able to do that, everything is acceptable. Turn your mobile off, deactivate social media, or stop talking to your little sister – anything is permitted and should be applied. The last one might not be possible, but you get the idea.

This isn’t a technical thing to get the focus and motivation going, but it sort of grooves the other objective ideas. If you can manage the outside influences, less time will be wasted, and you will have more time to practice and perfect the methods mentioned above.

There you go – my five tips to stay focused and motivated while studying Physics. I hope you will find them useful.

Now break the exams and make me proud.