6 Lucrative Career Options That Await after M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering

Today, the world is advancing in all sectors because of the rapid innovation in technology. It is leading the way towards new products and services. Mtech in Computer Science is among the most sought-after career options for engineering graduates because it provides the required technological edge for graduates to line up their career in this field. No doubt there are several M Tech courses, but computer science remains the choice for most students.

A postgraduate degree in computer science and engineering opens doors to a variety of career options. Depending on the interest of a student, one can choose to get a job in artificial intelligence, cyber forensics, data analytics, image processing and such. With endless career prospects, a post-graduate degree such as Mtech in Computer Science is highly recommended for students who want mark their name in the tech world.

Here are 6 lucrative career options that await students with an Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering

Heuristic Programmer

Heuristic programming is a branch of artificial intelligence. Heuristics in this context means – rules of common sense derived from experience. A heuristic programmer solves a set of problems using experience-based regulations or protocols. The design of these programs has self-learning characteristics which get better with experience. With an Mtech in Computer Science, a student can work as a heuristic programmer and open a variety of further career prospects. It is a highly lucrative career option with incredible challenges. Students who have a knack towards artificial intelligence and love programming must consider this career prospect.

Data Scientist

Data plays a crucial role in today’s age of technology. All corporates rely on data for operations, and as a way forward for executing their strategy. Data science is an exciting career prospect and is witnessing exponential growth. A data scientist or analyst has exceptional analytical skills and a passion for solving problems. They extract insights from data in its various forms, whether structured or unstructured. They visualize data, recognize patterns, and work with a variety of programming languages such as SAS, Python and R. The field is high in demand, and most corporates are looking for candidates with a passion for problem-solving and organizing data.

Research and Development

Every big IT or tech company has a research and development department to conduct their research and innovate product development. Students with Mtech in Computer science work closely with scientists and are a part of that research environment. It is an innovative career prospect for students who want to push the frontiers of science forward. This field aims at improving the current technologies and strengthening an organization’s position in the market.

Network Forensic

In this day and age when every process is online, it becomes a necessity for the organizations to protect their data. Network forensics is a branch of digital forensics which is related to the analysis and monitoring of computer network traffic. It is done for a number of reasons including information gathering, intrusion detection and legal evidence. Network forensics is a highly lucrative job which not only has exceptional career prospects in the future but also pays well.

Security Architect

To put it simply, a security architect is responsible for maintaining an organization’s computer system. A security architect must think like a hacker and analyze all possible exploits. They must rectify these exploits before the organization’s systems get compromised. The job of a security architect is exciting, and one put themselves in the shoes of a hacker to anticipate all moves and tactics. Today, the cyber world is facing challenges from malicious hackers and data is being compromised. There are many jobs in this role in not just private but government sector as well.

Game Development

Game Development is a broad field with many diverse roles. A game programmer deals explicitly with developing codebase for video games including simulated physics and graphic disciplines. They are responsible for building algorithms, programming graphics engines, developing in-game physics, AI programming, input programming and network programming. Students who are interested in developing and testing video games as a career must set M Tech 2018 as their goal this year.

M Tech in Computer Science is an advanced degree which is designed to provide students with exhaustive knowledge of computer science and its applications. It is a sure shot way of not only advancing in the core subject, i.e. computer science but also gives an opportunity to specialize in the selected areas of interest. Universities like UPES offers M Tech in Computer Science with various choice based specializations such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Image Processing, and Security and Forensics.