An ode to Physics

An ode to Physics

Image Source : Shutterstock

Image Source : Shutterstock

Peerless physics-best of best among the modest

Human’s hallucinations like the winter’s sun’s warmth

Yea! Archimedes, Einstein, Newton’s strength

Surely is something to be proud of; for true and honest.

Indispensable physics- need of the needy in every century

Cascades of mysteries like- the infinite universe and stars

Strange laws, theories and paradox all together will take you far

Realistic miracles that it does; the proofs are in history.

Oceanic physics- vast than the oceans within

Curiosity and thirsts that it satisfies; oxygen of science

Kepler, Galileo, Aryabhatta, all great people complete the dice

Salute them or else foresee what would be without them .