Aspiring IIT-JEE 2018? Here’s How You Should Start the Preparation

Considering the fact that cracking IIT-JEE is a tough nut, the preparation plan should be top-notch without any loopholes that may cause damage to your grades and result. More than a million aspirants appear for the Joint Entrance Examination each year with the aim of studying in an IIT. The tough competition and a limited number of seats make it one of the toughest competitive examinations to crack. However, having a whole year in the hand helps a lot. The 365 days in the year can be efficiently divided into the three subjects, revision time and some leisure time as well (because that’s what helps you keep going). From joining a reputed coaching institution like Aakash Institute to making a proper study plan and schedule, everything needs to be done with great thought and efforts.

Many coaching institutions offer a comprehensive course in IIT-JEE preparation. However, the positive Aakash Institute reviews at various websites make it evident that it is one of the best coaching institutions to choose. From having a great line up of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members to providing updated and accurate study material to the students, Aakash Institute has helped many get closer to their dream of studying in an IIT.

So, if you are aspiring to qualify IIT-JEE in the year 2018, here is how you should start the preparation.

Know the Examination

The two subsections of the Joint Entrance Examination include JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Upon clearing JEE Mains, one can get admission into CFTI’s, IIIT’s and NIT’s while to get into

an IIT; one needs to clear JEE Advanced. Both the exams are conducted in online and offline mode. Candidates have the liberty to choose the desired mode of examination.

The third week of November (2017) is when the notification of the examination would be released by CBSE while the application process would commence in the 1st week of December (2017). The examination would take place in the first week of April 2018.

Manage Your Time

The key to success is time management. Also, it is one of the most efficient ways to avoid procrastination. With the help of your faculty members, design a study schedule that suits your personal study pattern and strictly adhere to it. Always keep in mind that this is the year that would decide how bright your future would be. So, make sure you follow the schedule strictly without any exceptions.

Know the Syllabus

Dedicate at least two days to make yourself acquainted with the syllabus and study material you have. Analyse the topics that need more attention and would take more time to cover. Keep them on top of the ladder followed by topics that you think are less time-consuming and easy to finish. However, make sure you cover every single thing. Because this is not the time to take chances.

Seek Right Guidance

Proper guidance can turn this one year of your life extremely fruitful. Before joining any coaching institution, be sure of checking the reviews, success rate and the background of the teaching staff. When we talk about reviews, check Aakash Institute review and you will be amazed to know the success rate and world-class facilities that the institute offers. So, make sure you get the right guidance and squeeze out something extremely beneficial in the form of grades.

Take Care of Your Health

To ensure proper fitness for the examinations, make sure you indulge in some or the other form of exercise every day. Also, take regular breaks to have a great balance between your mind and body. A healthy brain and a healthy body would help you perform well on the D-day.

Revise Well

One of the most important aspects of a competitive exam preparation is, revision. Overlooking this important step may hamper your grades. So, make sure you have ample time dedicated to revision in your study plan.

You have one whole year to prepare for IIT-JEE 2018. Utilize this time well by maintaining a healthy balance between studies and leisure and you will surely ace your rank and grades in the examination. All the best!