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Being aware of the current happening around the world and India is expected of every good student. But this is much easier said than done. With instant access to the world of internet, all the international news events are just a click away. The students, as a result, can get easily overwhelmed by the shear burden of being aware.

This is where Brainbuxa education portal comes to the rescue of the students. Brainbuxa publishes some of the most relevant daily news under its education news section which is open for all the students to read. The education news section on the Brainbuxa web portal is especially designed to ensure that the students stay up to date with all the current affairs that are relevant to their field and can be helpful in the times to come. All the education news listed at the portal is carefully chosen by experienced educators and is drafted in such a manner that the students get the most appropriate output.

With so much information overload in today’s time, everything can be termed as news. Therefore, students need to look for authentic platforms from where they can extract the most useful and reliable education news. Brainbuxa education portal has established itself as the most reliable and authentic source of daily news for the students studying at all the levels.

Apart from being a trusted source of daily news, Brainbuxa education portal has also helped a number of institutes in promoting their campus events. Brainbuxa lists a number of upcoming college events including cultural and technical fests. With a healthy and regular web traffic and a Facebook page with over 24,000 fans, Brainbuxa education portal gives instant visibility to the campus events across the entire country. You can also promote events using the exclusive features offered by the Brainbuxa education portal, such as a premium event posting. Brainbuxa offers a number of features to premium event postings. Some of them include an exclusive space on the education portal to place the logo of the event, a chance to display the logo of the event at the home page on the day of the campus event and a customized registration page for the campus event to ensure that the participants can easily register, apart from giving the entire event a credible look.



The campus event section at Brainbuxa education portal is a boon for both, the organizers and the participants. While the organizers get nationwide coverage and premium space at the portal, the students of other colleges get a chance to participate in the campus events and strengthen their skill set and the CV. Brainbuxa also allows you to set event reminders so that no participants are left out from the event.

These are just a handful of the many amazing features offered by Brainbuxa education portal to the students absolutely free of cost. To witness the awesomeness of Brainbuxa education portal, don’t wait up, visit the portal now and place yourself much ahead of your counterparts.