Business Quiz – 1

1) “The dismal science” is a derogatory alternative name for which branch of study, that was coined by the Victorian historian Thomas Carlyle in the 19th century?

2) This is the Headquarter of Deutsche bank. By what popular name we know this twin tower better?


3) What is the specialty of this smartphone from Samsung?


4) The name of which company, literally means ‘Little Rice’, making news these days in India comes from the combination of two words— the first part comes from the Buddhist concept that “a single grain of rice of a Buddhist is as great as a mountain”, and the second part is the acronym of a very popular movie?

5) What does B in oral-B stand for?


6) X is the price of a representative basket of wholesale goods. Earlier India used this X changes as the central measure of inflation.

What is X?

7) In 1951, in the wake of India’s first General election, this company received an order from the Election commission of India to manufacture 9 Lac ballot boxes at Rs.44 Lac within three months.

Which company later became a household and generic name?

8) Last year, a series of Smart phone had been launched by a group of hardcore Narendra Modi followers. They have named it as NAMO — which has two meanings. One of course is Narendra Modi. What’s the other meaning of NAMO?


9) Bull Market is associated with increasing investor confidence & Bear market a general decline in the stock market over a period of time then what is the trend between the two markets called?

10) This type of advertising is used to promote banned products like cigarette and alcohol, in the disguise of another product.

Name the form of advertising.



1) Economics.

2) Debit-credit.

3) Samsung Rex — first smart phone developed in India.

4) Xiaomi.

5) Brush.

6) Wholesale price Index (WPI).

7) Godrej.

8) Next Generation Android Mobile Odyssey.

9) Chicken market.

10) Surrogate advertising.