Career opportunities in Physics after Class XII

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Students who pursue the science stream in Class XI and Class XII have ample opportunities before them. Considered to be one of the most popular streams selected by students, science comprises of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that are taught to students.

Students who study science in Class XII study subjects through different modes such as observation, hypotheses, theories, research, experimentation as well as practical means.

Students who study Physics can pursue many disciplines after class XII and they should shortlist the field best suited for them by determining their personality, interest as well as aptitude.

Students who study Physics in Class 12 can pursue careers after pursuing a more specialized course/degree in the following spheres:



One of the most popular courses/disciplines that science students consider pursuing after their Class 12 is joining a BE/BTech course. This is a good career choice because all the concepts, theories and practical exposure science students receive in their Class XI and Class XII curriculum prove extremely helpful when pursuing an engineering degree in college.

Also, when one decides to do engineering after school, they have a lot of choice to select from. This is primarily because students can select the engineering branch/discipline which is best suited for them and in which they want to make a career in. Students are advised to select their engineering branch on the basis of their aptitude, interests, personality as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Engineering branches which students who have studied Physics in Class XII can pursue are as follows:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Bio Medical Engineering
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Bio Instrumentation Engineering
  • Bio Informatics Engineering
  • Broad cast technician Engineering
  • Ceramic Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Engineer Manager Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Leather Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
  • Nano technology Engineering
  • Printing Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Plastic & polymer Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Rubber Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Textile Engineering


Another field that is slowly becoming a hot choice for students is aviation, particularly the job profile of a commercial pilot. Here, a think to note is that only those aspirants are eligible to apply for flying courses who have studied Physics in their Class XII.

Apart from this, other eligibility criteria are that aspirants should be physically fit and should have a passion for flying.

Yes, training to become a commercial pilot can be an expensive affair but students can take loans and pursue such a career if they meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about flying.

You can know about the best flying schools/clubs in India here.

Merchant Navy

Aspirants who want to pursue a career in navigational as well as engineering fields of Merchant Navy should possess a BSc degree in mechanical field or marine engineering. Although this is the eligibility criteria cited by most institutions when they hire individuals for the merchant navy, however, insiders reveal that sometimes candidates who have successfully completed their Class XII with PCM, that is, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics may also be eligible to join the merchant navy for posts such as Deck Cadets. On the other hand, candidates who want to become Navigating Officers need to secure a Certificate of Competency as mentioned in the Indian regulations which specify the terms and conditions of Masters and Mates examinations.

Information Technology (IT)

Another field in which students can pursue a career after studying Physics in Class XII is Information Technology (IT). Basically, this is also an engineering field only wherein job profiles mostly revolve around how to use computers as well as telecommunications to control, store, gather and also to circulate information. Both the software as well as hardware sectors form a part of IT industry.

Students who have studied Physics can make a career in the below mentioned IT fields:

  • Information Technology
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Application Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Technologist
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • System Architect
  • Technology Manager
  • Web Developer
  • Multimedia Designer


The field of architecture is also sometimes considered to be a part of engineering as a larger study field. Architecture as a career options mostly deals with constructing buildings and also elaborating on what all needs to be done while constructing these structures such as – air conditioning systems, ventilation, lightning, structural integrity, electrical systems and fire safety.

Architecture field requires candidates to be good with sketching and also requires aspirants to have complete knowledge about different principles laid out in Physics, so that they are able to create sturdy structures which can withstand the tests of weather and any other calamity.

Image Source : Shutterstock

Image Source : Shutterstock


Another career option available to students who have studied Physics in Class XII is – Hardware. Since hardware mostly revolves around working with gadgets, good knowledge about the principle on which the equipment functions is extremely necessary.

Popular hardware field/career options are as follows:

  • Hardware Design as well as Development Engineering
  • Design as well as Development of Computer Hardware
  • Design as well as Development of Customized Microprocessor
  • Design as well as development of networking hardware
  • Service Maintenance Engineers or technician

Defense Services

Another arena wherein it is mandatory for students to have studied Physics in Class XII and Class XII is Defense Services. So, any aspirant who wants to make a career in the Armed forces, as an Indian Navy Officer or Indian Air Force Officer should have studied and cleared their qualifying examination in Physics.


Astronomy as a career field required aspirants to study the motion, effects, forms as well as dimensions of outer space. So, this career option requires candidates to have mastered Physics as a subject. In fact, students can become astronomers only after they have done their MSc or PhD in Physics disciplines such as Astronomy, Astrophysics, Meteorology or Atmospheric Science.

Environmental Science

Another career option available to Physics students is Environmental Science. This field entails studying the environment we live in. In environmental science, environmentalists study aspects such as pollution, climatic changes, energy conservation, biodiversity, plastic menace as well as global warming.