Classroom Vs. Self-Study: Which is Better?

New and innovative ways are paving their way into the education system of India bringing back the age-old debate whether self-study is better than classroom and vice versa. Students often are caught up with this question pondering on the pros and cons of both the ways and then chalking out their arguments. However, till now nobody has got the ultimate answer. The reason: every student has a different caliber and hence prefers the way which suits the best. There are many students who want classroom study to get a professionalized approach towards their education while there are some who have great self-study discipline and like to study on their own.

Nowadays, this debate has also entered the world of competitive exams. Students who aspire to crack various competitive exams such IIT Entrance and NEET Exam are also calculating the strengths and weakness of classroom and self-study to get the best in their baskets. If you too are going through such a decision, then we would like to present an articulated list of pros and cons of both the ways that can help you in choosing the right option.

Let us begin with Classroom Study!

Classroom Study


  • The training is given by highly qualified professionals providing you the best understanding of the subject.

  • Most of the students in the classroom are like-minded who have different approaches to same problems, hence, giving rise to new ideas and interpretation.

  • You can remove your doubt by asking the faculty simultaneously and can learn from your mistakes.

  • There is a planned and structured path that spans all the subject within a reasonable time period so that you cannot leave or skip any important topic.


  • It can be monotonous at times not catering to the interests of the students.

  • Classroom study for competitive exams is expensive, and hence students with weak financial backgrounds cannot afford it.

  • A student with lack of interest can also have an impact on the classroom study with the faculty giving most of his/her time to that student’s activities.



  • Cost is one of the most important factors making self-study a better option. As you will be studying on your own, you will not be required to pay a fee to the classroom training. With the help of eLearning programs such as Aakash iTutor, you can affordably prepare for your competitive exams.

  • Self-study allows you to study at your own pace. You can practice according to your preparation, and digital apps like NEET self study app helps you in tracking your improvement through mock tests and practice tests.

  • You do not have to travel to another place for your coaching class and rather study in the comfort zone of your home saving money, time and energy as well.


  • Without will power, self-study will not be able to help you. If one is not dedicated to his/her study time, then it will eventually affect the performance in the exams.

  • You may take a long time in understanding a concept that, in reality, would take less time when explained by a professional. However, to make this easy for the students, Aakash iTutor offers video lectures from experts and an online portal where students can ask their doubts from the faculty.

  • You may feel lonely at times while self-studying as you do not get to interact with other like-minded students.

Now that you have read all the points, it will be a much easier task now to decide your way of study for the competitive exams. As discussed in the beginning, there is no right or wrong choice; it is just the requirements and needs of an individual that propels him/her to choose either classroom or self-study.

One more point to take in the consideration is that both need one another for an outstanding preparation. The students cannot depend wholly on each of them. Though one studies in the classroom, self-study is an essential part of the overall learning, and the same goes for self-study. One needs to have expert’s guidance for better results. In the end, the main motive of these learning ways is to impart the best education to the students, and hence that must be the main reason for the choice.