Diligimus Cognition (We Love Knowledge) (5)



1. According to an article published in the magazine “Hornbill” of  the Bombay Natural History Society, the “____________” is a new fad and a fast growing hobby of environmentalists to reduce carbon emission to save the planet from the vagaries of climate change.  The article claims that like many other fads, this too started in theUnited States of America- the worst polluter and the biggest consumer of natural resources of the world.

The word was coined by Jessica Prentice of  San Francisco Bay on World Environment Day in 2005. It was so unique and spread so fast, that the term was the Oxford Dictionary Word of the year in 2007.

According to the Wikipedia the  “____________” movement encourages consumers to buy fresh vegetables and fruits from farmers’ markets or even to grow and pickle their own food.
Fill up the blank!


2.  The title of this very book (in picture) prompted another author to change the title of his novel from “X” to “Y”. Y which is a two word phrase refers to “a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules”. Give me Y


3. Combine the three sets of pictures and give me the name of a hypothetical space habitat (megastructure)


4. 1 “_________”  is defined as the amount of radiation required to liberate positive and negative charges of one electrostatic unit of charge (esu or StatCoulomb) in one cubic centimeter of dry air at standard temperature and pressure(STP). This corresponds to the generation of approximately 2.0819×10ˆ9 ion pairs.

“________” is a unit of measurement for exposure to ionizing radiation.

In SI units, 1 ______ = 2.58×10ˆ−4 C/kg


(From 1 esu ≈ 3.33564×10ˆ−10 C and the standard atmosphere air density of ~1.293 kg/m³).


Fill up the blank.


5. Here is the painting of a famous American artist who was born inTurkey. The painting is actually the work of a Nobel Prize winning physicist who was no novice in the field of art. Identify the subject of the painting (the artist) and the painter (the physicist)


6. Below is a heavily distorted picture of an object which has been claimed to be far easier to control than its predecessor. Some of the features of the object have been mentioned.
What has been distorted beyond identification?


7. “Z” is a “tooth-friendly”, non fermentable sugar alcohol. “Z” based products are allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the medical claim that they do not promote dental cavities. This has resulted in the surge of “Z”- based chewing gums which are being promoted in the market as a source of preventing teeth caries and actually helping one to keep one’s teeth healthy.
Wrigley, the renowned player in the chewing gum industry promotes one of its products (Orbit chewing gums) as follows:

Chewing Orbit Complete with “Z” can help

• clean teeth in between brushings
• strengthen teeth and gums
• stop acid attacks
• rebuild tooth enamel
• put a stop to plaque formation
• freshen breath

Give me Z


8. Identify this mechanical engineer and inventor fromGermany!



9. This device is a product of the Swedish public companyElektaAB.The name of this product is a two word phrase consisting of the words X and Y.

Although not in this case, X stands for one of the alphabets of a language other than English. On the other hand, Y in all cases denotes a tool with a sharp metal edge and a wooden handle which can also be used as a weapon in offence and defence. The device was invented at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm,Sweden, in 1967 by Lars Leksell, a neurosurgeon, and Börje Larsson, a radiobiologist fromSweden’s UppsalaUniversity.

Identify the device.


10. Below are a set of three pictures in which each set comprises of two pictures. Each set of pictures has been accompanied with a caption at the top.
Each set is referring to a particular two word Latin phrase. The phrase is common to all the three sets of pictures.  The phrase is a synonym for an oft-used something in the field of math, geometry in particular. Now give me the Latin phrase or the something from the field of math






1. Locavore (The term denotes a person who consumes food grown locally)


2. Y= Catch 22

The book in picture is Mila 18 by Leon Uris.

It is held that Joseph Heller, the writer of the book Catch 22 (Y) wanted to name his book Catch 18 (X). However, Heller changed it after the popular Mila 18 was published a short time beforehand and decided to use the number 22 instead of 18 as was initially decided.


3. Topopolis

  1. The energy spectrum of cosmic rays and the moon’s cosmic ray shadow signifying cosmic 
  1. Spaghetti strapped dresses signifying spaghetti
  1. Different types of knots

Topopolis with a knotted structure is also known as cosmic spaghetti


4.. Roentgen (R)


5. The artist= Jirayr Zorthian

The physicist= Richard P. Feynman


6. ADIDAS Tango 12 = The Official match ball of EURO 2012

7. Xylitol


8. Rudolf Diesel


9. X= Gamma, Y= Knife. The device in question is Gamma Knife that is used to treat brain tumors by administering high-intensity radiation therapy in a manner that concentrates the radiation over a small volume.


10. The Latin phrase is Pons asinorum. It is the name given to Euclid’s fifth proposition in Book 1 of his Elements of geometry, also known as the theorem on isosceles triangles. 

  1. In Economics, there is Law of rent by Ricardo. A famous economist  John Stuart Mill called Ricardo’s Law of Rent the Pons Asinorum of economics.
  1. The right hand picture of the Rubik’s cube is in a particular configuration which is also known as Pons Asinorum configuration.
  1. Pons Asinorum when translated from Latin means “Bridge of asses”. In the third set is shown a group of  donkeys (ass) alongside the Golden Gate Bridge




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