Easy Maths Calculation Tips

The toughest subject in our school syllabus is Maths. We all feel nervous and tensed during our math’s exam. But it is an important subject, which is used in our daily life. So we all should love this subject. Mathematics is also used to promote an art.

What is Mathematics?

It is the study of measurement, properties, relationship of quantities, by using numbers and symbols. It is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields. Math’s is an important skill in our life. This subject can be broadly divided into the study of shapes, quantities, Linear and quadratic equation, geometry, trigonometry, Algebra, sets and relations.

How to make mathematics easy?

  • Solve problem regularly, by which we can learn different methods and techniques to solve problem.
  • Practice the theorems, concepts and formulae regularly.
  • Learn the meaning of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and how they are related to each other. For example: We can add up and subtract the number very easily and quickly with a help of our 10 fingers. We can perform multiplication of a number with 2 by just doubling the number. If you are performing multiplication of a number with 10 than just remember to count the number of 0 present in the problem. 10 * 10 = 100 and 100 * 10 = 1000 and lot more.
  • Attend class regularly, listen what lecture is explaining, as some important points will not be written on the blackboard, but instead orally by the lectures.
  • Try to take good notes – note every point that lectures explain on board.
  • A good set of notes will in how to solve problems.
  • Make a daily routine of counting or calculating numbers and solving problems.
  • After each class, revise the notes and solve more problems on the same topic.
  • Play mathematical tricks with your friends to improve your calculations.
  • Concentrate on math fundamentals, as most mathematics is based on a few fundamental principles and definitions.
  • Write all the formulas which are needed to memorize.
  • Join coaching classes, meet experts, take their tips and advice.
  • Many daily activities involve measurement: cooking, grocery shopping, and sewing. Keep child involved in these household tasks by talking with them about what you are doing, and by asking them to help in counting, calculations, etc.
  • Give complete knowledge about math in our daily life.
  • Provide tutoring for a younger student.

Parents are the first teacher for their kids. They can teach kids an easiest method of counting by using pictures, images, etc. There are many educational online classes available on different educational websites, which can make maths easier, funny and more interesting for the beginners.