Free online plagiarism checker for students

As millions of web pages are being continuously published on the internet, and more content will be published every day. With this overload of content and knowledge being submitted every second, one thing is certain that the chances of plagiarised content increase by ten folds. 

People from different fields of life encounter plagiarism very often. Whether you are a student, teacher, or a blogger, the relation with plagiarism is here to stay. You will need to check whether the content you are publishing is original or not. 

For this purpose, plagiarism detection software comes in handy. These tools ensure that the content is free from the copied material. We will discuss the plagiarism checker tools in the context of students in this article. It is very much possible that the plagiarism can occur unintentionally in the thesis or your assignment. 

It is not necessary that you have put the copied text there. Sometimes the same kind of knowledge can be repeated. Thus, students need to make sure that the assignments or thesis they are submitting are absolutely free from plagiarism otherwise it can lead a student into trouble. With the possibility of using almost all these tools, the chances of scam programs that are available online also increase drastically. 

In order to protect your data, one needs to make sure the tool is authentic and it can guard your content. Therefore, selecting the program that fulfil your need is a vital step . Because the risk factor is also there when you are using a free plagiarism checker tool. 

Why do students need plagiarism checker tools?

When using a freely accessible plagiarism checker, you will have a detailed description of the matches discovered along with a percentage of the file that is regarded as copied content. 

This is effective because if you have more than enough of them, even a file that has references that are properly cited could be given a lower grade. If quotations and other correctly cited phrases are too high a number of your document, your grade could be affected by this.

Risks involving with free plagiarism software

When we talk about the free software that is available to check plagiarism, the first concern is about content theft. As there are thousands of tools present online for students, but it is quite difficult to recommend a tool because you never are sure if they are authentic or not. Therefore, we have compiled this list carefully as content theft is a very big concern for students and it can damage their reputation as well. These tools protect the data of unpublished thesis.

  1. Paperrater

This plagiarism checker is free for its users. Before it checks your paper, it inquires about your paper. Before checking, you can state your grade level, what form of writing it is, and other aspects. Note that you will be transferred directly to Grammarly by pressing the “premium” button. Although this program offers pros like it is fast and convenient to use more importantly it is free. 

There are some cons for instance that this plagiarism checker wasn’t as effective as Grammarly – in the writing, it didn’t catch the apparent plagiarism – and choosing for the premium edition provided in the results we were shifted to Grammarly. To avoid problems, save time, and use Grammarly or another detector on your content from the start. Although it is still a decent option for students wanting a free plagiarism checker tool.

  1. PlagScan

PlagScan helps to compare files from cooperating publishers and researchers against its own database, easily available Web sources, and confidential scientific content. Another important role it can play is that it could be used to cross-check papers against each other. 

This software for plagiarism checking offers many features but involves more details to thoroughly check the original material. While the other tools here require you to drop in and go through a path, this one needs a login and some further information.

  1. Dustball

Dustball is another free, extremely simple, and obvious tool to check plagiarism. This plagiarism detection tool is more or less the same in features as compared to what Small SEO Tools has to offer, with a word limit of 1000 words per search. Both of these programs offer outcomes in the form of a percentage of unique/original content. This free plagiarism checker gives you many choices for entering your desired file, which you would like to search for plagiarism.  

You can upload a supporting document or you can simply and in an old way just copy and paste the text.  There is another option of putting the URL link of the text.   Duplichecker has a limit of words per search. This tool is, however, way better than manually searching the phrases on Google for plagiarism checking.

  1. EasyBib

Plagiarism tool EasyBib offers all-in-one help to cover all your foundations. More features are handled in the premium version of the software. You will be given an individual feedback report with a single scan to help detect the potentially copied quotations. Moreover, it actually boosts your sentence making, grammar, punctuation, and many more useful features, it serves to its consumers absolutely for free.

  1. NoPlag

Noplag gives you a comprehensive report of plagiarism you may submit and post. Just don’t let plagiarism concerns any slower you down, deal with them in the simplest and most efficient way. It provides various kinds of products for college students and then universities students etc. They can avail of the feature according to their need. 

  1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is yet another free tool for the students in need of checking their documents for plagiarism. It provides a detailed report of links from where the data is copied. It consists of a user-friendly interface helping the new users as well. There are no complications in yeh interface that are hard to understand. Prepostseo allows 500 words per search limit unless you buy a premium package that has no limit. 

This tool secures the privacy of the document. With these pros, cons go side by side as well. For example, the word limit is quite low and it is time-consuming to copy-paste the text one after another. The tool does not allow the free trial. 

  1. Plagiarisma

For students and teachers, Plagiarisma is a free online plagiarism checker program. You will be able to verify the validity of your inputs with this evaluation and erase plagiarism in instances. Thanks to its basic functionality and convenient procedures Plagiarisma is relatively easy to use. What more ends up making it one of the finest checkers of plagiarism is that it can accept more than 190 languages.  

This suggests that approximately most of it if not all languages are included. Other aspects of this tool include URL and search engine extension plagiarism verification. The tool is used by teachers to reduce the hassle of comparing the students’ assignments with outer resources.


These plagiarism checkers are very valuable to students at the college and especially university level. There is no doubt that the premium designs are mostly suggested yet students can advantage from the free options of these online tools for plagiarism detection. Many online businesses strongly recommend that you use whatever is freely available at hand. Consequently, these free technologies are beneficial for the success of the students and hold back the failure because of plagiarism problems.