The Online Quiz of Guwahati Quiz Fest 2016

Dear all,
Welcome to the Online Quiz of Guwahati Quiz Fest 2016.


Here are the general rules:

1) 10 questions will be put up every day at 8 PM, for 3 days, 11th-13th January.

2) Link to the questions will be uploaded on the GQF page as well as on at 8 PM.

3) Link to the Google doc for filling the answers will also be provided. People will have 4 hours to attempt the questions, which should be submitted at or before 11.59 PM the same day.

4) Every day the scorecard will be updated. Overall winner(s) will be announced on 14th January.


This quiz is aimed to promote the art of quizzing among non-quizzers and provide a warm-up platform for ardent quizzers. This will test more of your knowledge and less of your Googling skills. Hope to see maximum participation.
Viva la quizzing. Cheers.


Final Results:

Online Quiz of Guwahti Quiz Fest 2016 - Final results


Questions: Day 1:


1. Connect:



2. Connect




3-specific-people-from-Guwahati3. In 2002, he did a survey on some specific people from Guwahati to know about their condition, in 2002. Identifying their need, he approached IIT Guwahati for designing a new product.

Launched in late 2004, this project has helped more than 10000 people of a certain profession, and received recognition from United Nations Development Program.

What did he create?



4. Who posted this picture of his business card from 1984 in Facebook about a month back?



5. This flower, X Y, (also a name of a hotel in Guwahati) is found only on X hill of Manipur. During British rule, some Englishmen tried to plant this flower to some other place with much effort. After a long struggle they had to abandon the idea.

Name the flower.



6. These ads were specifically designed for a specific purpose, whose Cost Per Click for the advertiser was Rs. 1.98 as compared to Rs. 23.5 on AdWords and Rs. 17.5 on Facebook.

Who is the advertiser? What are these ads specifically designed for?



7. After coming out of his home, his shoe got stuck in something, and a horse ate the pieces of paper he had with him. When he retrieved the paper, he fell down, the papers flew away and got stuck in a tall tree. When he climbed up the tree, birds attacked him and he again lost the papers. After retrieving them, while walking down a bridge, wind blew the papers away. He went down into the river, again retrieved them, and reached his destination.

Who is “he”? Or, where was this story shown?


8. Which famous event during World War I is this video ad commemorating?



9. For many of his famous paintings, after having the idea for a painting, he first turned his idea into a photograph, and then made the necessary changes.

For example, in one painting, the tattoo artist is making tattoos on the left arm of a person sitting straight with a sailor cap while in the original photographs both were shot separately.

Similarly, in another painting, the bartender is smoking while talking to the cop and the child, while in the original photograph the bartender is wearing a white cap and is not smoking.

Which famous painter?


10. Name of which controversial person has been struck off from this list, a few months back?



Answers: Day 1:

1. Division Bell.

14th Pink Floyd album.

Douglas Adams named the album (and the tour).

Stephen Hawking featuring in Keep Talking.

Division bell of the House of Parliament.


2. Narendra Modi’s writing on FB wall.


3. Dipbahan; Rickshaw Bank.

Pradip Kumar Sarmah


4. Michael Dell.


5. Siroi Lily.


6. Zomato. Ads in prn websites.



7. Google doodle on Beethoven’s birthday.



8. The Christmas Truce, 1914.


9. Norman Rockwell.



10. Robert Vadra.


Scores of Day 1:

The Online Quiz of Guwahati Quiz Fest 2016 - Day 1 results


Questions: Day 2:


11. Stockbrokers use various hand signals for communication. Which bank does this symbol represent?



12. Which famous singer, with his wife, in 2001?



13. Numerous private and household Durga Pujas were organized in West Bengal since 17th century. In the late 18th century, twelve friends from Hoogly decided to organize a community Durga Puja, raising subscriptions from neighbours.

What term came into existence from this?


14. In order to solve an everyday problem, this new type of design was created, inspired by origami.
What domestic problem did this design claim to solve?



15. “The Next Episode” is a single by American rapper Dr. Dre, from his second studio album, 2001, which was released in 1999. It is a sequel to Dre’s famous single from The Chronic, “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”. The song peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 2001.

Why has the song again making rounds in the past one year?


16. Connect.



17. Connect to a sportsperson.



18. A guy Del Boy and Rodney met in the Heathrow departure lounge when they were boarding a plane; in “Only Fools and Horses”, in 1991.

A guy standing for security check in the airport; in “Casino Royale”, in 2006.

A pilot in “Superman Returns”, in 2006.



19. This recently viral meme usually depicts a stick figure using a computer and is accompanied by a story of the figure’s smart behaviour.

After the tremendous success of the English page in Facebook, two pages in Italian and Spanish too were created in the last week of December and First week of January respectively, which also went viral.

Which meme?


20. Connect.




Answers: Day 2:

11) Deutsche Bank (imitating Hitler moustache)


12) Zubeen Garg


13) Barowari


14) Toothpaste tube, easier to squeeze and get the last bit.


15) Thug life meme song


16) Curare


17) Halloween makeovers of Andre Agassi


18) Richard Branson


19) Be like Bill


20) Countries named after



Scores of Day 2:

The Online Quiz of Guwahati Quiz Fest 2016 - Scores of Day 2



Questions: Day 3:

21. Who?



22. A Canadian musician, while traveling via airplane, heard that the baggage handlers were not handling fragile equipments carefully and were rather throwing them. After arriving at the destination, he found out that his musical instrument was broken. When he filed for compensation, he was denied, post which he wrote a series of protest songs against the airline company.

Which famous songs?


23. Connect this exhaustive list.



1 – Dead
2 – Suffers amnesia
3 – Quit
4 – Imprisoned
5 – Removed
6 – Flee, later promoted
7 – Imprisoned
What is being talked about?


25. Name the product.



26. Connect.



27. Faking News, in October 2009, created a fake news about a person suing a brand for wrongly portraying itself as effective in attracting girls.

However, the article was mistaken as a genuine news and went viral, covered by many media channels.
Instead of having negative impacts, the news rather acted in favour of the brand in getting publicity.

Which brand?


28. Which famous panic moment of Halloween eve 1930 is this plaque depicting?



29. Why did Elon Musk add the special air filters to the Tesla cars, as per a viral fake news (and a meme created out of it), after a controversy a couple of months back?



30. Whose LinkedIn profile?




Answers: Day 3:

21) Saurav Kumar Chaliha


22) United Breaks Guitars


23) Only prepared food items to get Geographical Indication (GI) tag in India


24) Fate of professors of Defence Against the Dark Arts, in Harry Potter


25) Hawkins Futura pressure cooker


26) Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar


27) Axe


28) Orson Wells’s War of The Worlds narration


29) “What if it is stuck behing a Volkswagen”


30) Phungsukh Wangdu


Scores of Day 3:

Online Quiz of Guwahti Quiz Fest 2016 - Day 3 results