How Are Math Formulas Applied in Everyday Life?

How Are Math Formulas Applied in Everyday Life?

Maths is a subject where we study hypotheses, logic and various types of formulas. Have you ever considered how these theories and methods are beneficial in everyday life? Why do we need to learn and practice questions based on these? Or what is the requirement to find area and perimeter of any shape? Let us examine here some of the critical formulas which are utilized in real-life situations to get the replies to all these puzzles.

Speed and Distance

Assume you have to reach your office at 10 AM which is 100kms from your home. If you are traveling there by a vehicle, then it is exacted to know at how much momentum you need to drive the car or two-wheeler on time. It is achievable by using the formula of speed which is equal to the ratio of distance to the time taken.

Volume of Shape

The volume is the amount of space that material or object occupies. At the house, we have various objects like bottles, food containers, pots, etc. which are used to stock food or water. All these substances have their range to carry any solid, semi-solid or liquid goods. These vessels could be of any form such as cylindrical, cubical, oval, etc. Hence, the formulas for their volume also vary from each other.

Area Covered

Similar to volume, another feature of any geometrical figure is its area. The area is the range enclosed by an object in a plane. You will learn to find the area for many shapes such as area of sphere, area of rectangle, area of cone, etc., on a small scale. But to find an area on a large scale, we have to use definite integral formulas, where the range of the domain is defined.

Profit and Loss Percentage

In marketing, we usually use the methods to determine the percentage of profit and loss, such as:

Profit% = (Selling Price – Cost Price)/Cost Price x 100

Loss% = (Cost Price – Selling Price)/Cost Price x 100

These specifications help a seller to check how the sales go in a day or month.

Similarly, there are several formulas in Maths, used to calculate specific measures. That is why we must remember at least the primary methods used often in day-to-day life.