Mathematics Quiz 1


*1. Let’s start off with Pi itself! The 762nd decimal place of Pi is quite beautiful as the sequence of numbers that follow it is 9999998……, the first such instance of a string of 6 consecutive 9’s in the decimal representation of Pi. What is the unique name assigned to this point and why?

*2. Connect the following pictures:

3. Which famous mathematics award did Endre Szemeredi win recently?

4. An easy one! Perhaps a one off appearance in a comic strip by Pi, just identify this comic strip.

*5. Why is the symbol Z generally used to represent the set of integers?

6. Identify this world famous mathematical pilgrimage sight.

7. Her partial differential equations for the vibrations of a uniform curved elastic plate is of fundamental importance and is known after her name. A class of prime numbers is also known after her. She is perhaps the first woman mathematician to make a significant contribution towards proving the Fermat’s Last Theorem. Identify whom we are describing here.

*8. The House Bill #246 of the Indiana State Assembly is infamous in mathematical history for what reason?

9. Connect the following pictures:

*10. Why would Archimedes not understand Euler’s fabulous equation $$e^{ipi+1=0$$? [Here the symbols e and i have their usual meaning.]

11. What did mathematician Paul Erdos and Marc Kac say in reply to Einstein’s famous remark, “God does not play dice.”?

12. Which product takes its name from the approximate value of the reciprocal of the number that first bothered Pythagoras while he constructed a unit square?

*13. Connect the following pictures:

14. One of the foremost mathematician cum philosopher to ever live his ashes except his right hand now lie in the Pantheon, France. Just identify this great man whose most important discovery came to him in a dream.

15. What chair first held by Issac Barrow is now held by Stephen Hawking?

*16. What did this man in the picture below do so that he was expelled from the university where he was teaching?

17. Connect the following people with something that they did:

18. Hollywood: Kevin Bacon:: Mathematics: _____________ Fill in the blanks!

*19. “Cubum autem in duos cubos, antquadrato quadratum in duos quadrate quadratos, et generaliter nullam in infinitum, ultra quadratum potestatem in duos ejurdem nominis far est dividere; cujos rei demonstrationem mirabilem sane detexi. Hane marginis exiguitas non caperet.”  Who and where did that person write this and why is it infamous?

20. What does the phrase: Ammopassent uthanampso mathematicsaco” mean? *21. What was made by Canadian sculptor Robert Tait McKenzie, which has on the observe a picture of Archimedes and a quote attributed to him which reads in Latin “Transire suum pectus mundoque potiri” which means ‘rise above your spirit and grasp the world’ and in the background there is the representation of Archimedes’ tomb with the craving of his theorem on the sphere and the cylinder and the winner’s name?

22. Q.E.D means “Quod Erat Demonstratum” usually written after a mathematical proof, but what was the basis of a play called ‘Q.E.D.’ that was staged at CalTech in the 1980s?

*23. X was a brilliant mathematician who explained how the machines tackle problems in astronomy and mathematics, while married to William King, X fell in love with mathematician John Crosse. Due to a cervical cancer X’s last days were spent in agony as X’s mother withdrew all the medications which could have withdrawn X’s pain so that X’s soul is cleansed after X confessed X’s love for Crosse. Identify X.

24. Which innovative mathematician suffered from a series of nervous breakdown over a period of 30 years and died in a mental institution avidly exploring the infinite till his last days?

25. He became paranoid in his last days and believed that people were trying to poison him, so he stopped eating altogether. Identify this brilliant logician who literally starved himself to death in 1978.

[The answers to this part will be published with the questions of the next part.]

-Manjil P. Saikia