Medulla 2018: Round 2 Questions

The questions for Round 2 are given below. This round is open between 2135 hours 25th February, 2018 to 0030 hours on 26th February, 2018. Please mail your answers to medu[email protected]; do not send your answers via any other means.

The answers will later be posted here.

Q1: The picture below depicts a still from a movie which is arguably credited by its makers as the first science fiction full length movie ever made. Also thought to have been the first movie to have been adapted from a sci-fi novel (X), the movie came out in the year when Arthur Eddington tested Einstein’s general theory of relativity by his observations. The author (Y) of the novel (X) received a lot of criticism from another author (Z) owing to the formers fictitious depiction of events in the book rather than the use of actual facts and technology available to mankind. Solve the variables.

Q2: The person (A) [in the image below] made significant contributions in a particular venture as a result of which, he is also known by the sobriquet (B) which is derived from an iconic character from a work of literature (C) by author (D). D is also credited to have penned the screenplay of a movie featuring a fictional superhero.

Q3: The idea behind the painting was to portray X as an “innocent” scientist in a “dark, male-dominated world”. The work of art also the feet of X’s scientific rivals “Y” and “Z” waiting in the wings. Identify X, Y, Z.

Q4: The two images represent the cover page of a (same) collection of short stories by a certain author. The title of one of the stories in the anthology (a three-word phrase) alludes to a purported surgical procedure that certain medical practitioners believe to be an urban legend. Apparently, there seem to be no existing studies to determine whether the procedure occurs and how many have been affected. Name the surgical procedure or the short story.

Q5: He is considered the first and only of his class (Think Taxonomy) to be conferred a doctorate degree. While addressing a gathering at the Oxford Union, he spoke on the importance of protecting the environment and encouraged the students to “go green”. Further, on a lighter note, he emphasised that the nation already has enough princes and warned the girls against doing something. Who are we talking about?

Q6: The X is the world’s largest living carnivorous marsupial. The “X facial tumour disease” is a transmissible cancer that affects X. The disease is spread by biting and causes the appearance of tumours on the face or inside the mouth. This disease has caused a massive decline in the X population, and the species is now considered endangered. X?

Q7. A X is a complex mix of reacting chemical compounds in which the concentration of one or more components exhibits periodic changes, or where sudden property changes occur after a predictable induction time. In cases where one of the reagents has a visible colour, crossing a concentration threshold can lead to an abrupt colour change in a reproducible time lapse. X?

Q8. A Japanese company has come up with a special powder that makes water cleaner within minutes and could improve water quality in developing countries or even be used to provide emergency water supply after disasters. Its key ingredient is a polymer of glutamic acid, a coagulant made from fermented soya beans. Depending on the turbidity of the water source, one gram of it can treat up to 5L of polluted water. It has been used successfully in India, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Somalia. Name the Company/product.

The questions of Round 3 will be posted here at 2100 on 26th February, 2018.