Mathematics, the queen of all sciences has reached a place now where it has become ubiquitous with all of modern day technology. But there are places where math is used so discreetly that it is not known to the rest of the world. Take for example the search engine Google, which has become a part of our daily online ritual. Google uses enormous amount of math in its algorithm and it is because of this undeniable advantage of math that Google is able to give you a needle from a haystack at your command. This is just one example where math has become indispensible for the planet Earth. Motivated with the all encompassing nature of the mathematical sciences, its uses and its ability to give clear and succint answers to many global problems, there has been a initiative called the Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE 2013).

The official MPE website says:

“Our planet is the setting for dynamic processes of all sorts, including the geophysical processes in the mantle, the continents, and the oceans, the atmospheric processes that determine our weather and climates, the biological processes involving living species and their interactions, and the human processes of finance, agriculture, water, transportation, and energy. The challenges facing our planet and our civilization are multidisciplinary and multifaceted, and the mathematical sciences play a central role in the scientific effort to understand and to deal with these challenges.

The mission of the MPE project is to:

* Encourage research in identifying and solving fundamental questions about planet earth
* Encourage educators at all levels to communicate the issues related to planet earth
* Inform the public about the essential role of the mathematical sciences in facing the challenges to our planet”

MPE has spanned from an idea that originated in 2010 to become a full blown global phenomena with more than 100 partnering organisations in different places of this planet to distil and work upon the missions of this global project. It has also come under the patronage of the UNESCO and has had tremendous success till now in achieving its goals. In India the two partnering organisations are the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore and (magazine partner).

This page will keep track of all the MPE activities in India.

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