We are changing!

We are changing!
Photo by Antoine Dautry / Unsplash

Gonit Sora (GS) started over 12 years ago (in 2011) when we (then very naive university students) got together to create a web-magazine publishing in English and Assamese catered to the student community in Assam. We did not dream big, but GS churned on its own and gradually it came to occupy a niche space in the Indian science and mathematics outreach space. But with the advent of several creators, both globally and in India, we feel that GS needs to change how it functions.

When we started out, our posts were about introducing simple mathematical concepts, news items and solved question papers of various Indian mathematical exams. All of these are dated now, and indeed we have removed much of that content from this website now. There are better venues now to find math news and math question papers of Indian exams. We will no longer cater to those needs.

We gradually ventured into doing interviews, some of which are quite well-done. All of the interviews have something which is unique with us, either the interviewee is not widely represented or they have told something which is not available in other interviews. For this and many other reasons, we have retained all of the interviews on the website. Sometimes we anticipated the importance of a person before others and this is also reflected in the interviews (for instance see the interview with TheLiverDoc who is now regularly in the news).

The old site contained many others things, including paid articles (whose content was always verified before we published those). Going forward we are no longer accepting any paid content on this site. We have mostly supported the website and its events from our own pockets, but there were some very generous individuals who donated to our cause in our initial days. We are thankful to them all, they know who they are!

We will post very few written articles from now on. What we will focus on is creating video and audio content. The videos will mostly be interviews and webinars as there are other much more popular and efficient video creators out there doing fantastic work which we cannot hope to emulate. However, we have a good professional network of mathematicians and scientists which we will leverage to bring to you specialized interviews and webinars. In fact, we ran a very successful webinar series during the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have so far not explored audio content but we plan to bring a monthly podcast series with scientists and mathematicians discussing their work at a professional level. So, please watch out for that.

In the past we did a few sporadic offline events, which we will streamline now and seek collaborations to implement them successfully. There are so many things that we planned to do, some of which never saw the light of day. This new avatar will try to finish some of those tasks.

One point of issue for which we apologize to our readers and patrons: during the migration of the old site into this new avatar, the mathematical symbols rendered using LaTeX were transformed into images and this has made some of the articles a bit difficult to read. We will try to fix this issue in the future, but for now some of the old articles are not very well-formatted.

If you liked what we did in the past, or have benefited from some of our content then please consider buying us a coffee so that we can keep the site running and create new content. You can get in touch with me directly to discuss any ideas, criticisms, or collaborations, please email me.