Particle Frenzy: Poem

Particle Frenzy: Poem

It began with a bang.
At high energies the universe sang.
Born were time and particles many;
Perfect symmetry, there was complete harmony.

What we see now is complete mystery,
How is there a broken symmetry?
Matter-antimatter, how does it matter?
Matter/antimatter, which does it favor?
Well…all that matters now is MATTER!!

Chunks of matter are the fermions,
Glued together by the bosons;
e, p, n first meet the eye,
But wait it’s messier than a pig sty.

Not bothered by that force so strong
The leptons have a world of their own.
e, mu, tau get along very well,
But their neutrinos are all antisocial.

So bothered by that force so strong
Inside the hadrons I always go wrong.
Colorful they are and they quack and bark,
The baryons carry a quark-quark-quark!!
The mesons carry a quark -antiquark.

Yesterday in the class,
I was wondering about their mass,
Then, in one of their gigs.
I saw the Higgs,
Whackily in the corner doing its jigs.