Pi Day 2014 Quiz

Most of our readers may be aware that mathematicians celebrate March 14th every year as \pi Day throughout the world (in fact in some places it is an official holiday). So, we thought this time to bring out a special contest for everyone. On this \pi Day, Gonit Sora in association with Poptales present to you The \pi Day Quiz.

The rules and other info are available below:

  1. The quiz will be an online quiz and it will be open for 24 hours (14th March 2014).


  2. There will be 31 questions and winners will be decided on the basis of these 31 questions only.

  3. There will be starred question and in case of ties, first we shall look into the starred questions, and the person answering more such questions will be adjusted the winner. In case, even this does not decide the winner, then we shall look at the prime numbered questions and so on.

  4. Answers will have to be emailed at [email protected].

  5. Team members of Gonit Sora and employees of Poptales are not allowed to participate in this contest.

  6. Finally the questions of the quiz will have an element of mathematics in them, although the answers need not be mathematical. Keep checking this space for more info.

Click here for the questions and answers.

(The quiz is over, no more entries will be accepted now.)