Pi Day Quiz 2014 Results

Winner Image via Shutterstock

Winner Image via Shutterstock

We had organized a \pi Day Quiz this year in association with Poptales. However, due to certain reasons we had not been able to post the names of the winners till now. The inconvenience caused is regretted.

The list of top scorers along with their scores are given below:

Ashutosh Das 29.5
Poroj Bhuyan 23
Mahendra Mohan Das 21
Rishav Dewan 20
Tapan Sharma 19.5
Kalyan Jyoti Kalita 16
Rahul Choudhary 9

Hereby, we declare Ashutosh Das the winner. He gets a free T-Shirt of his choosing from Poptales.

P. S. If you feel that your score is not correct, then please contact us on or before August 10, 2014 for clarifications. After August 10, 2014 we shall not entertain any such queries.