Preparation Plan for Biology Section of NEET 2018: Important Topics & Books to Refer

One of the best approaches to score well in NEET 2018 is to prepare well for the Biology section of it, which has 90 questions, which is 50% of the total questions asked in NEET, and if you score high in this section, an overall high score can be achieved.

Begin with NCERT

NCERT books are the most useful and preferred for NEET preparation. The best way to begin your preparation is to start preparing with NCERT books, keeping in mind that these are the books that have developed your basics, so skipping these or ignoring these is never a good choice.

While reading, mark the points that seem important. Also, make sure that you understand (do not cram) everything. Biology requires a deep understanding of concepts, so make sure you do enough to understand any topic that you prepare.

Some students revise NCERT after the coaching material. Well, the order can be subjective, but do not think to avoid this book altogether.

Prepare Notes

Another important part of preparation is making notes. We understand that there are a lot of topics to be covered, and making notes can be time consuming process, but these will be immensely helpful in revision. Try to be systematic and precise while preparing notes so that it is easy to revise them later.

Ace the Important Topics

The good thing about this section of NEET is that some topics have remained the most important topics. These include Human Physiology, Genetics & its evolution, Diversity in living world and Reproduction so you must not miss out on these.

After these topics, you can begin with Ecology, Biology & Human Welfare and Cell Structure & Function. The ideal approach is to be strong at every topic.

Get Comfortable with Diagrams

Diagrams are an important part of biology. In almost every conceptual chapter of biology, there are certain diagrams that are very important for understanding and application of concepts. Therefore, you need to get comfortable with diagrams.

Also, there is a high probability to get diagram-based questions in the exam itself. Therefore, being good at these can help you score well.

Revise All you Can

In biology, you need to remember a lot of structures, facts and rules regarding various things and if not seen regularly, one tends to forget certain minor details regarding these.

The only solution to this problem is to revise a lot. Even if you are good with remembering details, we recommend you to revise your syllabus at least 3-4 times before the exam, or even more number of times if you have time. This will not only benefit you directly for the exam but will also take your confidence to the next level.

Practice Multiple Choice Questions

MCQs teach us the application of the concepts that we have learned. Also, these help us to know the various angles from which a concept can be asked in the exam. If you practice a lot of MCQs, you will have a wider viewpoint of concepts and thus will be able to ace this section easily.

Take Mocks

The best of the candidates are taking a lot of mocks and you must be ready to match the level of expertise they are gaining through these.

Mocks help in your preparation as they prepare you for exam-like situations. Also, most of the mock test series are designed in such a way so as to prepare candidates for any kind of paper possible. Thus, to enroll for a good mock test series is of utmost help.

While you are appearing for mocks, be concentrated and treat them equal to the exam. This way, you will not get nervous in the actual exam as you would have already gone through the simulated version of it many a times.

Be regular

Be consistent to achieve your goal. Practice for the subjects on a regular basis. Begin your day with meditation, yoga or a little work out to keep your body ready for an entire day of studies.

Books to refer

Along with all the efforts that you put in, it is equally important that you refer to the best study material. A good book not only introduces you to the important concepts, but its way of explanation help you get a better understanding.

If you are attending any classes then you must go through the material provided to you. We’ve mentioned some of the best books the aspirants can refer to below.

NCERT Class 11 and 12 Biology Book NCERT
Modern’s ABC Biology AK Sabbarwal and BB Arora (Modern Publishers)
Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume I and II KN Bhatia and MP Tyagi (Trueman Publishers)
Trueman’s Objective Biology Volume I and II Tyagi and Goyal (Trueman Publishers)
Objective NCERT at your fingertips – Biology MTG Editorial Board