Quantum Field Theory: A Poem

Quantum Field Theory: A Poem

Delving deep, into the stuff we keep,
Electrons and protons are all in heaps.
Further deep into these heaps,
It’s fields and fields for infinite leaps.

Tiny and speedy, they’re oh, so many!!
If only it were easy,
We’d need no theory.

Pen and paper and a cup of tea,
Oh yes it’s called the QFT!!
Tedious it sounds, but elegant it is,
And a course you cannot afford to miss.

It all began with Einstein’s E;
The equation was called the KGE;       (Klein Gordon Equation)
Cute as a kid, it was L-Co-vee,              (Lorentz Covariant)
But also wanted a negative E;
And how do I give it a negative P?

Then came Dirac, or else I would flee,
And said, ‘It’s fine with the negative P,
But sorry, couldn’t help the negative E.

Let the particle be
There’s a partner……May be?
Backward in time with positive E,
Dear partner, welcome to the family.

Happily they stay in this infinite sea,
Wherein rules the QFT,
Excite the fields; it’s particles they yield,
And a particle is what matter is!!

Held together by fields of might,
They go on forever at the speed of light.
Out of that window now when I peep,
Bizarre it seems but beautiful it is
It’s fields and fields for infinite leaps.