Quiz Answers and Results: National Science Day 2017

Here are the answers for the Science Quiz we did recently.

Answers for Quiz Set 1

  1. The missing person is Manjul Bhargava; they were the 2014 Fields Medal Winners.
  2. Punnett Square, used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment.
  3. Professor was S. Chandrasekhar and the students were T.D. Lee and C.N. Yang.
  4. The persons are Glenn Seaborg and Yuri Oganessian; they are only people to have chemical elements named after then while they were still alive.
  5. Pringles Chips.
  6. Riemann Hypothesis.
  7. The Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

Answers for Quiz Set 2

  1. X= Vladimir Nabokov, Y= The Tempest
  2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Ship of Theseus – Beagle; the answer is HMS Beagle (the ship on which Darwin made his famous journey)
  3. They were trying to understand the manner in which Tyrannosaurus Rex walked on the surface of the earth.
  4. The answer is 26; 26 (number between the square and cube of two different numbers), Iron man (Atomic number of iron=26), There are 26 black and red cards in a deck of 52 cards).
  5. X= Mareograph, Y= Prediction of tides in oceans and seas.
  6. Enchroma (They manufacture lenses which would aid color blind people to distinguish colors).
  7. Flash of Genius (The movie); Robert Kearns who won a legal battle against the Ford motor company (headquarters shown). The screenplay of the movie was adapted from an article that was published in “The NewYorker”  carrying the same title.

Answers for Quiz Set 3

  1. They are the only metals after whom countries are named: Argentina and Cyprus.
  2. X= M. C. Escher, Y= Tessellations, and the mathematical problem statement would be “What are the possible shapes for a tile that can produce a regular division of the plane, that is, a tile that can fill the plane with its congruent images such that every tile is surrounded in the same manner?” and “In what ways are the edges of such a tile related to each other by isometries?”
  3. Right: Ray Bradbury, Left: Edward Norton Lorenz; the answer is the butterfly effect from Chaos Theory.
  4. FITB: Kardashian, X= Twitter followers.
  5. Geekcode, started by Robert A. Hayden
  6. The clip shows the infinite monkey theorem in action.
  7. Pauli’s Exclusion Principle.

There were a total of 29 entries, here are the results in decreasing order of score. Total score possible was 21.

  1. Hitendra Sarkar – 18
  2. Ashutosh Das – 17.5
  3. Chaitanya Borah – 17.5
  4. Abhinandan Dass – 16
  5. Pragyan Parasar – 16
  6. Ritwik Kumar – 15.5
  7. AZ Tech – 14
  8. Anjan Jyoti Deka – 12.5
  9. Bedanga Kashyap Das – 10.5
  10. Kaustav Mahanta – 8
  11. Mushahidul Ahmed – 7
  12. Poroj Bhuyan – 7
  13. Siddharth Jaiswal – 7
  14. Rishav Dewan – 6.5
  15. Angshuman Das – 6
  16. Kevin D’Souza – 6
  17. Pranjal Saikia – 6
  18. Shamsudin Haider – 6
  19. Manoshi Goswami – 5.5
  20. Subhabish Dutta – 5.5
  21. Gaurav Haloi – 5.5
  22. Bipllab Roy – 5
  23. Anupam Deka – 4.5
  24. Siddharth Gautam – 4.5
  25. Kaushik Borthakur – 4
  26. Sumanta Sarathi Borthakur – 3.5
  27. Biprajit Dutta – 3.5
  28. Madeya Moody – 2
  29. Deep Jyoti Deka – 1

If there are any disputes of scores, then please direct your queries to [email protected] (only via email), and these will be sorted out until the 7th of March, 2017. The first three entries are requested to email after the 7th of March, 2017 to know how to get their prizes. Thank you everyone for participating.