Quiz Set 1: National Science Day 2017

Here is the first set of 7 questions. You have 24 hours (until 1159 hours 25th February 2017) to send your answers via email to [email protected]. Send only one email, if multiple emails are sent then the last email will be counted towards the score. The second set will be live tomorrow. The answers for this set will be announced with the final results.

  1. Who is the missing fourth person in the following list (only pictures of the other three people)? What is the common connection? (half points for both parts)




  1. What is the name of diagrams/squares of the type shown below? Why are they used? (half points for each part)


  1. A then young professor of astronomy at University of Chigaco’s Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wis., used to drive 100 miles each week just to teach a class of two students in the 1940s. In late 1950s, both the students got a Nobel Prize in Physics and later in the 1980s, the professor got his Nobel. This makes it history’s most successful physics class ever with a 100% rate of Nobels. Who were the students and the professor? (half points for both parts)

  2. The person on the left was until late 2016 the only person with a particular distinction to his name. This changed in late 2016 when the person on the right became the second person to get an ‘honour’. Who are they or what was the distinction in question?










  1. The image below is of a curve called the ‘hyperbolic paraboloid’ which is the shape of a particular product. The design is helpful in stacking this particular product one on top of the other and helps in production without letting it break. Which product?


  1. Which famous unsolved problem is being made a meme out of (in the following picture)?


  1. The following runic cryptogram is the basis for which famous adventure which starts in Hamburg, then in Iceland and finally ends somewhere in Southern Italy?