Score in Physics to Clear NEET: Last Minute Tips on Facing NEET 2018

In lieu of the approaching NEET 2018, a seminar was organized by 21st Century IAS Academy, Hyderabad in association with The Hindu on November 25th, 2017. The seminar was titled ‘How to crack NEET’ and mainly focused on the best practices to excel in NEET. It was the first seminar in a series of five others, to be conducted later. Various experts such as medical professionals and coaching experts discussed and shared their insight on tackling NEET, particularly by acing upon the Physics section.

The primary reason this seminar was organized was to help NEET aspirants get a hold over the entire syllabus, so that they can score their maximum in various subjects under NEET. These include Zoology, Botany, Chemistry and Physics. The experts particularly focused on preparing for the Physics section. They pointed that it is easier to score in this subject if one is thorough with the fundamentals. Though Physics as a subject is regarded as apprehensive and tough by most students, the experts viewed that this scenario could be reversed. According to them, it is possible to master Physics through a systematic approach, regular practice and commitment.

Other major points that were discussed included meticulously following the NCERT Class 11 and 12 syllabus, preparing personal study notes and answering only the questions which candidates are sure about. The students were also advised to take guidance from good coaching facilitators and enroll for suitable coaching classes.

Students appreciated the seminar as it discussed the much needed, last minute preparations tips for NEET exam. Also, the seminar gave the aspirants an insight in what to expect in NEET 2018. A fellow participant viewed that the seminar was as good as a crash course on NEET 2018. Another participant stated that this seminar was also helpful for those aspiring for other entrance examinations and not just NEET. Well, clearly such seminars, student teacher interactions and facilitations from expert professionals are the need of the hour, before most entrance exams.

National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2018 has been set for May 10, 2018. And, with this, we come to the highlight of today’s blog. That is, preparation tips to score in Physics section of NEET 2018 to ace the exam.

The Formula Trick

First thing to remember is that, knowing all the formulas is like your personal weapon to ace Physics section because that’s what will ultimately lead you to one final solution. Take caution in understanding the numerical concepts, the step wise derivations or shortcuts wherever applicable.

Prepare and maintain separate notes of all the formulas. With regular practice of derivation steps, even the most complicated formulas can be remembered at ease.

Honest Practice

And our second tip is of course, regular practice. Don’t wait for a tutor to tell you that. You can analyze what topics you are weak at and develop conceptual knowledge only with regular and honest practice. Previous years solved papers, mock test series and sample papers are the best way to go about it. Commit at least two hours for daily practice for Physics, with regular targets on number of questions to solve and you will eventually see the difference.

Also, take a note of important topics as mentioned in the official notification of NEET 2018. Some of them in Physics are Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory, Electrodynamics and Modern Physics.

Other Subject Aids

Next is the extra subject aids at your disposal that can be judiciously used. For this, we suggest the technique of acing the fundamental basics of Mathematics to understand various numerical concepts in Physics. This makes a very strong linkage. For instance, knowledge of Class 11 Mathematics topics of Integration, Differentiation, Arithmetic Progression and Logarithm can prove to be helpful.

Background Check with Theories

Be backed up with good theoretical knowledge in every chapter in Physics. Having a good hold on theory and basic principles in Physics gets your numerical derivations and practical application of concepts in line.

Best Book Resources

And lastly, we come to material resources. Any good entrance coaching must start with good textbooks and book resources. The NCERT textbooks at Class 11 and 12 level are the most recommended, not only for Physics but all subjects under NEET. They are mostly easy to comprehend, consists of fundamental basics of most topics and have plenty of questions. Also, practicing both objective and subjective type questions from these textbooks is a good start.

Apart from these book references, you can also view online tutorials on YouTube or enrol for online exam coaching or live classes that talk of ways to enhance your subject wise preparation for NEET. A combination of different techniques that suit your needs scan be used.

Hope the information proves useful and becomes your trusted friend in disguise. Remember, the more you practice, the more you gain on your confidence, time management, speed and accuracy level. Good Luck!

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