The Mathematical Sciences in 2025

The Mathematical Sciences in 2025

The Mathematical Sciences in 2025By Committee on the Mathematical Sciences in 2025;

Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications;

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences;

National Research Council

191 pages, Published 2013,

National Academies Press, Washington, USA.

ISBN: 0309268796


The Mathematical Sciences in 2025, a new report from the National Research Council, finds that the mathematical sciences are an increasingly integral component of many disciplines— including biology, medicine, the social sciences, business, advanced design, and climate studies. However, the expanding role of the mathematical sciences over the past 15 years has not been matched by a comparable increase in federal funding, and the number of federal agencies that provide significant support for this research is considerably smaller than the number that profit from it.

The report also looks at emerging trends in the mathematical sciences, including the impact of research and training on industry, innovation and economic competitiveness, national security, and other areas, and recommends how the National Science Foundation can adjust its portfolio of activities to improve the vitality and impact of the discipline. It identifies a number of ways in which the mathematical sciences community should adapt in order to make the most of emerging opportunities and prepare for changes in academic environments.

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Mircea Pitici.


Source:- Asia Pacific Mathematics Newsletter, Volume 3 No. 2 (April 2013).

It has been republished here with a special permission from World Scientific.