Webinar: The many colors of Combinatorics by Dr. Nishad Kothari (IIT Madras)

Gonit Sora is organizing a webinar by Dr. Nishad Kothari (Indian Institute of Technology Madras) on 8th August 2020 at 2.30 pm IST. The details are given below.

Title: The many colors of Combinatorics

Abstract: “Suppose that you want to teach the `cat’ concept to a very young child. Do you explain that a cat is a relatively small, primarily carnivorous mammal with retractible claws, a distinctive sonic output, etc.? I’ll bet not. You probably show the kid a lot of different cats, saying `kitty’ each time, until it gets the idea. To put it more generally, generalizations are best made by abstraction from experience.”

– From Can we make mathematics intelligible? by R. P. Boas

In the same spirit, the goal of this talk is NOT to define `combinatorics’, but IS instead to introduce the audience members to a few dffierent branches of combinatorics by means of colorful examples. Since I am a graph theorist, and I prefer to not stray away too far from my own comfort zone, most examples will be graph theoretical.

The webinar is meant to be accessible to everyone.

About the speaker: Nishad Kothari is an Assistant Professor at the CSE dept. at IIT Madras (since July 2020). He belongs to the Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) group. His research is in Graph Theory (an area within Combinatorics aka Discrete Mathematics).

Nishad did his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science (CS). It was during his Masters at Georgia Tech (USA) that he discovered his interest in the theoretical aspects of CS. Consequently, he took a few courses from the School of Mathematics, and was introduced to Graph Theory by the late Robin Thomas. This memorable encounter with the subject ultimately led him to pursue his PhD in Combinatorics & Optimization (C&O) at the Faculty of Mathematics at U. of Waterloo (Canada) under the mentorship of Joseph Cheriyan and U. S. R. Murty.

Prior to joining IIT Madras, he held postdoc positions at C&O Waterloo, at the Faculty of Mathematics, U. of Vienna (Austria), and at the Institute of Computing, U. of Campinas (Brazil).

The talk will be suitable for a general audience (school and college students, including B.Tech CSE students are specially welcome), and will be held online via Zoom. It will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

e-Certificates will be issued to registered participants who attend the talk.

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