Webinar: Cycles of a random permutation by Prof. Amritanshu Prasad (IMSc Chennai)

Gonit Sora is organizing a webinar to be delivered by Prof. Amritanshu Prasad of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc Chennai). The details are given below.

Date: 09 September, 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 2.30 pm IST

Title: Cycles of a random permutation

Abstract: A k-cycle of a permutation w of {1,…,n} is a sequence i1, i2, … ,ik of elements such that w(i1)=i2, w(i2)=i3,…, w(ik)=i1. Let Xi(w) denote the number of i-cycles of the permutation w. In this talk we will study the joint probability distribution and the joint moments of these random variables when permutations are chosen at random.

About the speaker: Prof. Amritanshu Prasad is a Professor of Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc), Chennai. He received his B. Stat.(hons.) from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in 1995. He then obtained an MS in Mathematics in 1996 from The University of Chicago, from where he also got his PhD in 2001.

Before joining IMSc, Prof. Prasad was a Post doctoral fellow at The University of Montréal, 2001-2003. He has also held various visiting positions in India and abroad including University of Stuttgart, Australian National University (Canberra), Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (Bures-sur-Yvette), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai), Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik (Bonn). He has received several awards and recognitions which include the Young Scientist Medal from the Indian National Science Academy in 2010. He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2019.

He works in combinatorics and representation theory. He has several publications including the book Representation Theory: A Combinatorial Viewpoint Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, vol. 147, Cambridge University Press, 2015. He is also interested in Higher education in Mathematics, Mathematics popularization and is a contributor to the open source software, Sage.

The talk will be suitable for a general audience (college students are specially welcome), and will be held online via Zoom. It will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

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