Why python training is essential for big data jobs?

Why python training is essential for big data jobs?

Python is a high level, general purpose programming language that was developed in the late 1980s by Guido Van Rossum. The focus of this programming language is more on readability of the codes and the syntaxes are very simple. The simple syntax and the learning curve of python is something which makes it so popular to be used along in big data. In the field of big data, choosing a language is very much specific to the project and completely depends on the project goal but whatever may be the requirements, Python and Big Data goes hand in hand as it is an inseparable combination.

Python and big data make a perfect combination

With python, the programmers just need to write a few lines of code and increase the readability. Python comes with scripting feature and many advanced libraries like Matplotlib, NumPy and SciPy etc which are highly beneficial for scientific computing. For the task of data analysis, python comes as a complete fit for big data for the following reasons:

  • Open source

Python is developed with the help of a community-based model and is open source. You can run it on any environment like Linux and Windows. As it supports multiple platforms, python can be ported to other platforms as well.

  • Library Support

Python is a collection of lot many perfectly tested libraries which comes with packages including Machine learning, statistical analysis, numerical computing, visualization, and data analysis etc.

  • Speed

The code development gets accelerated as python comes with prototyping ideas. It comes with transparency between code and execution. 

  • Scope

Being an object-oriented programming language, python supports all the advanced data structures like sets, lists, dictionaries, and tuples etc. the scientific operations like data frames, matrix operations etc are supported by it. Thus, the data operations are speed up.

  • Data processing support

There is advanced support for voice data and images for unstructured data which is a basic need when analyzing the data of social media through big data.

  • Compatible with Hadoop

As python is compatible with big data same way Hadoop is synonymous to big data. This is the reason why python is made compatible with Hadoop to easily accomplish tasks with big data. The packages in python help in accessing the HDFS API and also to write the MapReduce program in Hadoop. With the help of python, the complex problems of big data can be solved just with minimal efforts.

With so many features in hand, python looks to be highly compatible with big data and using it can make the life of big data scientists must easy and relaxed. Taking up the career in python can be a better option in this regards and the scope and demand are increasing every single day. There are various institutes who provide Python training online as well as the classroom sessions wherein you can get in-depth knowledge for python. You can enroll in these courses today to get a bright and successful future ahead.