7 Best Science Podcasts To Check Out Now

7 Best Science Podcasts To Check Out Now

Are you a fan of science? What about podcasts? What if you love both? Then you’re in luck! 

With so many podcasts out there these days, virtually nothing is left unturned. And if you’re a curious person looking to learn more about science, or want some refreshers in your knowledge of it, try tuning in to a science podcast. Whether you want the latest space news, expert commentary on what’s going in science, a series of debunked scientific theories, whether or not there’s life on Mars, or just want to listen to something smart for a change, these are 7 of the best science podcasts to check out today!

  1. Hidden Brain

“Brought to us by NPR, ‘Hidden Brain’ delves deeper into the human mind, and what it entails since its one of the most complex objects known to the universe,” says Pedro Jacobs, a tech expert at BigAssignments. “Host Shankar Vedantam talks about why people act, think, and feel the way that they do, as well as the importance of everything from psychology to neuroscience. He even tackles the topic of why people spend so much time on the Internet for hours on end.”

  1. Future Tense

“Future Tense” strives to help people to understand about science and technology. The best part of this podcast is that it focuses on the cutting-edge stuff that’s redefining how people interact with the world. From mental health apps, to new technologies shifting how humans understand and interact with animals, to safeguarding privacy in an Internet-reliant world, host Antony Funnell has you covered.

  1. Brains On!

Want childlike enthusiasm while learning about science? “Brains On!” lets you learn new stuff, while you enjoy real kids asking real questions about science. Despite children being the target demographic for this podcast, adults can still enjoy what it has in store for listeners. 

  1. Science Vs.

Hosted by science journalist Wendy Zuckerman, “Science Vs” has a variety of quirky science topics, whether it’s the effects of 5G, the war on plastic straws, anti-vaxxers, and so on. First brought to production by Gimlet Media with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2015, it’s one of the best science podcasts in the market. 

Or, if you want that same podcast but a shorter version of it, then check out its companion podcast “Shots of Science Vs” for quick shots of science each day. 

  1. The Infinite Monkey Cage

First launched in 2009, “The Infinite Monkey Cage” is a long-running favorite on BBC Radio 4, which has attracted listeners who love a panel-style podcast. Presented by famed British physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, the show has each episode delve into a particular science-related topic, with the hosts usually talking to two scientists and one other famous comedian to balance things out. With a really engaging and easy-to-follow format, this podcast is (and should be) a fun addition to your podcast library, whether you want to learn more about quantum mechanics, how dreams work, or learn how to accurately measure the universe.

  1. Science Friday

“Listeners will describe Science Friday as ‘brain fun for curious people,’” says Rubie Bearden, a science writer at Eliteassignmenthelp. “If you’re looking to escape the monotony of regular science learning and news, and want something entertaining to come from the subject, then Science Friday has you covered with entertaining tidbits, and with the host Ira Flatow as both fun and conversational, making each episode enjoyable to learn from.”

  1. The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe

Who’s to say that you can have any fascination with science and future technology? The truth is, there are many skeptics who don’t believe in the power (and even miracles) of science. However, that doesn’t mean that skeptics shouldn’t be left out in the ongoing discoveries made in the name of science!

Hosted by Dr. Steven Novella, with an ensemble of science experts, “The Skeptics’ Guide” takes a look at the science stories that are taking the world by storm, as well as trendy ideas in science, long-time conspiracy theories that people want answers for, controversies, etc. Not to worry! This team of experts is here to decipher these topics one by one, so that listeners can get a better understanding of said topics


So, if you’re looking to brush up on your science knowledge, or want to learn about science, then check out these 7 entertaining and educational podcasts!