'Beautiful Mind' John Forbes Nash, Jr killed in a car crash

'Beautiful Mind' John Forbes Nash, Jr killed in a car crash

John Nash

John Nash (June 13, 1928 – May 23, 2015)

The legendary Princeton mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr was killed earlier today in an unfortunate car crash in New Jersey. He and wife, Alicia Nash were killed in the incident. John Nash was the 1994 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in game theory, and earlier this year he was awarded the Abel Prize for his work in partial differential equations. Nash was also the subject of the multiple Oscar winning movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, based on the biography of the same name by Slyvia Nasar.

John Nash did some of his most brilliant work while he was a graduate student in Princeton University which culminated in a 27 page doctoral dissertation that laid the foundations of what has now come to be called the Nash Equilibrium. After his brilliant work, Nash was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lived for a few decades a life away from the spotlight. With the help of his wife, he came out of the disease and once again resumed mathematics and did some more extraordinary work. He will be deeply missed in all mathematical circuits. Inspite of his physical absence, his beautiful theories and results will forever be reveled in joy as long as there continues to be mathematics.

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