A conversation with Dr. Angela Tabiri, the Ghanaian Maths Queen

Dr. Angela Tabiri is at present a Google AI postdoctoral fellow in the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Ghana. Prior to this she did her PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2019 and a Postgraduate Diploma from ICTP, Trieste in 2015. Her research interests are in noncommutative algebra, Hopf algebra, quantum groups and quantum homogenous spaces. She is also leading a unique initiative called Femafricmaths, which promotes STEM education among African females. For all of these and many more reasons, Dr. Tabiri is rightly known as the ‘maths queen of Ghana‘.

Gonit Sora’s editor Manjil Saikia sat down with Dr. Tabiri to discuss her journey in mathematics, AIMS Ghana, STEM education in Africa, gender issues in mathematics, her different initiatives and much more. The full video is available in our Youtube channel as well as below.