Tips to Create Engaging Educational Content

Tips to Create Engaging Educational Content

It is easy to win over the audience with light and comical topics. The true challenge is presenting educational content, loaded with important information in an engaging way. How can you take a life science class and make it interesting for everyone? Is it even possible?

Of course, it is! The key is to find and apply the right methods. If you manage to do that, people will leave your class with smiles on their faces and information rutted in their brains. Those who want to know more about this seemingly impossible task, the following five tips will give you some inspiring ideas about creating engaging educational content.

Learn from others

Learning from successful and inspiring experts in your field is a good starting point.

Depending on your target audience and your topic, try to find conference videos or even TED talks that are concerned with a similar subject. Just in case you haven’t already heard of TED talks, it is a platform that features influential videos by expert speakers on various topics such as science, technology, education, business, etc.

What you can learn from the other experts in your field is how to interact with the audience that is interested in such topics,” says Cameron Parish, a professional speaker and editor at TopWritersReview.

Pay attention to their choice of words, the dose of humor, and the quantity of statistical information. People who have experience with holding speeches know how to entertain and engage their audience.

Share a story

Edifying, emotional, and helpful stories always draw people in. Whether it is a cautionary tale or a true story that has a strong message, don’t be afraid to share it.

As Brené Brown, who did a study on human connection through collecting stories, shared in her compelling TED talk, “Maybe stories are just data with a soul.”

No matter what your topic or class is about, there must be some situations that you have heard or read about that you can share with your audience.

Going on and on about theoretical information and statistics can be dull and tiring so add some emotion to it by including a real-life story that will shake the students up.

Make it interactive

The whole “I speak, you listen” method rarely works. You need to actively include students in your classes if you really want them to get interested and show some passion.

Start debates, include quiz questions, allow them to share their opinion, or ask them what they would do differently in a specific situation. If you’ll need some help to create the tasks, use some of these online platforms:

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To make your content engaging, you need to set up its tone that can give the readers a sense of interaction. If your content sounds boring and dull, no one will like to read it till the end, even if it contains the information they are looking for. While writing educational content, you have to take care of a lot of things. You might come across some articles that you think are best fit for the educational content you are preparing. But, we cannot forget that plagiarism isn’t forgivable. So, what should you do now? A paraphrasing tool can help you out in such situations. You can give your article a new touch with such a tool as it changes some of the words and sentence structure of your written material, without changing its original context. It will help you beat plagiarism and gain a positive response from engaging and interactive educational content.

Not only will interactive content motivate students to pay attention but you will also teach them how to use logic rather than learn everything by heart.

Use visual content

When people hear information, three days later they’re likely to recall only 10% of that information. However, if a relevant image is paired with the same information, people will remember 65% of the information three days later,” shares Sarah Stone, a writer and editor.

This explains why visuals are commonly paired with all types of content. Education content should be no exception.