Wonders of The Pigeonhole Principle

The Department of Mathematics, NIT Silchar organized a one week workshop on “Innovative and contemporary teachers’ training in Mathematics” (ICTM 2017) from 14th – 18th August 2017. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Kedar Nath Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, NIT Silchar. The workshop was successfully conducted with experienced resource persons, namely Prof. Swadhin Patnayak, IMA Bhubaneshwar, Prof. M.B. Rege, NEHU Shillong and Dr. Dhiren Kumar Basnet, Tezpur University among others. Our staff writer Dr. Debashish Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Gurucharan College, Silchar was chosen to conduct “Mathematics lab” sessions. He conducted the sessions together with Mr. Ajoy Dutta, Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, NIT Silchar. Here are the videos of the first day’s session, mainly on innovative ways of explaining the Pigeonhole Principle. More videos to come up soon.

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