Popular Career Options For Computer Science Students

Popular Career Options For Computer Science Students

Fascinated by the world of computing? Curious about what goes inside a computer? Passionate about creating new products and solving problems? Read on!

Students with an affirmative to any of the above answers should get a B Tech computer science degree for graduation. Why? The present world is ruled by technology, and all industries in the world are leveraging the power of computing. So, as the world is moving forward in the 21st century, a career in computer science is highly lucrative from an employability perspective. It also offers unprecedented learning opportunities. In this article, we will mention the most popular career options for B Tech computer science students. 

What is Computer Science Engineering?

Computer science is a study of computations. It teaches how to create software and interact with machines. Students learn about models of computations, AI, programming languages, algorithms and such to develop software programs. It is a vast field where the graduate can work as a software engineer, systems engineer, and other careers that we will talk in this article.

Here are 5 popular computer science career options

  • Software Developer 

Software developer is the obvious choice for most computer science graduates. Ever since the dot com boom, the demand of software developers is increasing, and the growth has no signs of taking a dip anytime soon. A software developer creates programs for computers, smartphones and other devices that allow users to perform specific tasks. They are responsible for the end-to-end lifecycle of the software – including development, testing and maintenance. 

Certain skills are a must for software developers. Firstly, they should be technically sound and solve problems with minimal overhead — secondly, expertise in programming languages that helps them write code for software programs. 

  • IT Product Manager 

Students after completing B tech in computer science with a specialisation in IT infrastructure can work as IT product managers. The role of an IT product manager includes overseeing the budget, supplies, timeline and workforce for a project including IT infrastructure and software. 

There are only certain universities such as UPES that offer this specialisation. So, if a student wants to get into the IT side of computer science which is a highly lucrative industry – choosing a university where they can specialise is a must. 

Since IT product managers communicate with different departments, they must have excellent communication skills. Also, IT product managers need to have excellent technical acumen and must be able to strategise on various projects.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineer is a popular choice of career among students because it offers a much higher pay package and there is more micro-level involvement with computers. These engineers are responsible for designing, building, and testing the physical components of the computer equipment. From the inception to the final product, a computer hardware engineer will be involved in the lifecycle of servers, chips, memory devices, microprocessors, routers, motherboards and any other circuit board required in computing.

Hardware engineers need to have technical skills and a high level of creativity to solve problems with ease. Since new technologies are being researched quickly, computer hardware engineers need to stay informed and soak in the emerging trends. There is much emphasis on the testing phase, and they must comprehensively test the systems repeatedly to ensure zero error.

  • Computer Network Architect 

Computer networking architect is another career option that has a lot of value outside the core software or computing companies. Computer network architects are required across all organisations to design, implement and maintain data and network communication systems. They work extensively on wide area networks, local area networks, networking protocols, intranets and extranets. 

Assessing the needs and maintaining network security of the organisation is a substantial part of their role. Firewall audits, network design reviews, intrusion detection, and vulnerability audits are also a part of their job role. 

They need to have excellent analytical skills and have expertise in evaluating and troubleshooting problems related to the networking systems of an organisation. 

  • Computer Systems Analyst 

A systems analyst keeps the organisation’s computer systems up to the mark to improve overall efficiency by continuously innovating and assessing computing needs. It involves careful analysis and providing recommendations to upgrade an organisation with the latest in the technology. They work on both the software and hardware side of things. 

Excellent communication skills are essential for this role as a systems analyst will continuously be in touch with other managers and head of departments for assessing the needs. They also need good interpersonal skills to convince the decision makers to adopt new changes in technology. It is a varied role that is currently in high demand because of the changing technological landscape. 


As a B Tech computer science student, there is no dearth of career options. It is a future proof degree and will continue to enjoy its dominance over other roles. Every organisation hires computer science graduates for different functions – whether it may be as networking engineers or analysts or even web developers. The sky is the limit with a B Tech computer science degree.