Study Is Challenging: Why Physics Is the Uttermost Hated Subject by Students

Study Is Challenging: Why Physics Is the Uttermost Hated Subject by Students
Merrimack College - Admissions Spring 2015

Physics is one of the oldest elementary sciences. It is the expert learning subject for the study of matter, energy, time and space, velocity, etc., and it also explores in-depth knowledge about the interactions between these elements. Its objective is to know the universe and understand the different phenomena that are manifested in it.

Because of its wide field of development and in-depth evaluation, Physics occupies a large part of human activities, for which the knowledge of specialists in the area is highly valued in different companies, organizations and even in all spheres of life.

Physics is a recommended discipline for people who are curious about different natural phenomena and want to know more about their environment and find scientific explanations for various events. It is an expertise profession that works for hand in hand with technology and new energies, which allows workers in the area to be updated and well informed about the latest trends and scientific discoveries.

One of the most hated subjects is physics. As a cousin to mathematics, physics always appears among the most challenging learning sphere. Few students like to study physics, and the rest hate this subject in extreme means. Physics is a subject that has a wide range of topics: static, kinematics, dynamics, gases, magnetism, and electricity, and so on. Some may be more interesting, but all are associated with mathematical analysis and calculations; so they revolve around formulas, equations, and theorems.

What Makes Physics Difficult:

Physics has two points against it when we try to study it:

  • You have to handle multiple concepts. Many ideas and many relationships between them.
  • You have to know mathematics. And it is indeed complicated to acquire all the knowledge enclosed in a physical theory without looking at its mathematics.

The second point is inevitable, physics has its language, and as such you have to know it to acquire fluency in the handling of concepts in its mathematical version and when making calculations. Without this, physics would be nothing more than philosophy. This is the reason why the student hate physics the most.

Obviously if one wants to study physics, it is key to control and master the mathematics involved, and that can be a stumbling block, in principle, for anyone interested in physics and in their study.

But going back to the first point we have to say that it is not true, at all that in physics there are “millions” of concepts. And the secrete of doing physics is to find out how these ideas are presented in the diversity of natural phenomena that we study in physics.

A physicist is not mass storage of formulas, although it may seem that way. Rather, a physicist is a person trained to dazzle among many different phenomena the same thread.

How to Improve Physics:

Physics is usually a complex subject with mathematical calculations and equations that cause great headaches. However, it is a fascinating science that has contributed enormously to understanding the world around us and developing new technologies. This does not mean that it is not difficult to comprehend yet much more to study.

We hope after getting these study hacks, you will not hate physics anymore and will love to guzzle up more mathematical calculations perfectly. We have no mood to make you Einstein or Newton, they are experts, and so can you. Sharing few learning hacks is not a deed to make you guys pressured with the bundle of books full of formulas, theorems and all. We just want you to be yourself, a new master personality in Physics and Math respectively.

Therefore, we have discovered 5 techniques to facilitate your study and obtain good results.

1. Be Expert In Basics Of Physics:

Physics is based on a series of basic concepts from which the entire theoretical framework develops. Therefore, it is very likely that the problems you must solve are based on these key concepts or some small variation of that. Consequently, you should not try to memorize the most complex problems, but assimilate the concepts and theories that help you understand the underlying principles and the connection between the different subjects.

A good way to outline the key concepts and their relationships is through a mental map. Your thinking ability, and imaging power will definitely make you a master in learning physics. Make your basics clear in simple ways, to understand the matter and mass of the universe. Don’t just run from your hurdles, ask them, get right answers, note them up and keep on memorizing.

2. Master The Mathematics As Well:

If you are studious and want to grab more knowledge about physics, then you need to master the mathematical concepts simultaneously. In this way, it will be much easier for you to solve problems and tackle complex formulas that are somehow related to math. Review up mathematics parallel to physics is quite an effective way to improve and handle the methods and concepts. This will polish your skills in two subjects, Math, and Physics of course. So catch the match of numbers to run successfully in physics.

3. Simplify Your Study:

For better understanding, take the queries in simple ways, try to understand them step by step. If you find anything tricky or got stuck in any situation, analyze it again, be calm and don’t just get irritated. If you are bored and still didn’t find a way to simplify them, just keep it memorizing in mind but as the mind exercise not as a stressful problem. Freshen up your mood when things become sticky and hectic, then revert the exercise later, with a little break, to rest and reset the concentration.

4. Draw Up Your Virtualities:

Making simple illustrations is a great way to simplify the concepts. To understand your problems or to remember the things in the perfect way, the best is to sketch up the topic/chapter into graphics or drawings. Illustrating the concepts in Physics or any other subjective study makes it easy, understandable and straightforward to learn which helps in easy memorizing. Make simple diagrams, figures, charts, and tables helps will help you to remember things in queue and steps.

5. Make It Mnemonic:

We all have seen some common notes over our fridges, when parents are out, “Don’t Make Home Messy, Eat Your Food and Do Your Homework,” these are something general note cards by them to make up learn what to do and not to do. Flashcards are same, and they are little yet big helpers to make our study concepts easy and simple.

Whatsoever is the issue, whether it’s a new word, a formula, a chemical equation, just noted it up and place on your cupboard, the bulletin board to strengthen your study. Create them colorful, to learn new you need to be artistic as well. If you want to master such small yet important concepts in Physics, then take it and make it over notes and just pin/paste them up in your regular moving area, study table, cupboard, etc, it will definitely help you to learn correctly.


Physics is not always revolving around with Big Bang Theory and Newton’s Law Of Gravitation, and it is much more interesting when you want to study. And who knows, by our mentioned study hack, we will get a New Physicist, a skilled and mastered mind with more fact full theorems and concepts.

We can just simply say, “Math and Physics Are Two Sides of The Same Coin,” whatever you toss, you need the reversible side to be a master.